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Section: Interviews            Authors: Daniel       Date: May 02, 2006


  • Green Day Interview

Billy Joe looking particularly lovely


[For this interview, our own Daniel Atwood will be interviewing pop punk star Billy Joe, from the band Green Day]

Daniel Atwood: Hello, Mr. Joe and may I say, it is an honor to have you here in the studio.

Billy Joe: Yes, I'm sure it is. Mr. Joe is so formal, though, please, just call me Awesome.



DA: Are you... Are you kidding?

BJ:... Why would I be kidding?

DA: That's.. not your name..

BJ: [Mr. Billy Joe is visibly upset] ... Shut up.

DA: Moving on, your last album, American Idiot, really angered some conservative groups, do you have anything to say about that?

BJ: ... Um, what?

DA: Your album. American Idiot. Remember?

BJ: Oh, oh, yeah, I remember.

DA: Well do you have anything to say about it?

BJ: Go buy it! [laughs] Nah, just kidding. But not really.

DA: Okay...... Moving on, your song 'American Idiot' features the lyrics:

Don't wanna be an American idiot
Don't want a nation under the new media

DA: Was that maybe a little political commentary?

BJ: [Mr. Billy Joe appears very enthused] Absolutely, man, the war in Iraq, and George Bush, and anyone who listens to him, they're the American idiots, man, the war.

DA: Could you please rephrase that into a sentence, or maybe a complete thought?

BJ: ... The war sucks, Bush ruined everything!

DA: I see, and so how do you feel about his current foreign policy program?

BJ: Foreign policy? Is that like, um.. .. Is that what he calls invading Iraq! Yeah! Is it!?

DA: ... ... I suppose that question is somewhat valid. So you think we should never have been in Iraq at all?

BJ: Absolutely. We should've left them there, they were fine.

DA: So do you think the world would be better off if we hadn't gone in there, with Saddam still in charge?

BJ: Er, well...

DA: Yes? No?

BJ: ... Well, we got Saddam why are we still there?!

DA: We're helping them stabilize a democratic system.

BJ: ... oh.

DA: Yeah. We're running out of time though, so, on to the next questions.

BJ: Right.

DA: So, you say in your song that you don't much care for the 'new media'. Could you elaborate?

BJ: Yeah, there are so many mindless drones just doing what the media tells them!

DA: Hm, that's a good point. There ARE a lot of mindless drones just doing what the media tells them. So, can you give some examples of media?

BJ: Absolutely, if it'll help the fight against Bush, man. Okay, so, there's so many, like, books, newspapers, television, art, music..

DA: What was that last one?

BJ: Art?

DA: No, no, I think you said musi...

BJ: No! No, I didn't, that wasn't what I said.

DA: Okay sure. So like you said, all of these forms of media are actively working to make the U.S. citizens mindless drones of George W. Bush?

BJ: Absolutely. 100%.

DA: Are you familiar with MTv's 'Rock the Vote'?

BJ: Of course, it's a great program, recruiting young kids who wanna be hardcore to flood the ballo... I mean... Getting young kids involved in the democratic process.

DA: Of course, interesting our youth in the government is great. It helps to ensure a tomorrow where opinions are free to be expressed without fear of harm.

BJ: Exactly man, you're always getting pushed down for saying you don't like George W., or the war!

DA: On a completely unrelated topic, what would you say makes up the bulk of your listening audience?

BJ: Hm, probably teenagers, young adults, and tweens.

DA: ... And you're saying that all the teenagers, young adults, and tweens in the world aren't able to freely express their views about the war and the President?

BJ: Uh... Well...

DA: So, if I went to an average Green Day concert, and screamed out 'I love George W. Bush!', do you think that I would be met with warmth and hospitality, because you are trying to raise awareness about tolerance and stuff?

BJ: ...

DA: That is all for this time, I think! Thanks again for coming to the studio, we'll be sure to buy your new CD 'Bullet In A Bible' or 'More Uneducated Offensive Material' or whatever its called. One thing we can be sure of is that it will be a well-informed and well-backed CD, and the lyrics will be at a new level of depth that we can't even comprehend! Bye for now!

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