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   "Weird things happen when I go outside. At least, they have ever since all my fillings got magnetized."

-  Voronnen

Section: Cleanup on Aisle Seven    Author: Bingo Bob, Daniel    Date: November 13, 2006


  • Baby Batman Costume

Herman: Is that.. um.. What is that?

Dr. Xelogo: I don't know... it's too hideous to describe...

Herman: It's like Batman and some sort of weird.. turtle.. thing.. had a baby.

Dr. Xelogo: Vy vould a veird turtle thing sink so... so... LOW?

Herman: Well, hold on a moment there, Dr. Xelogo. Which Batman are you talking about? The original Adam West or one of the newer ones?

Dr. Xelogo: Adam Vest of course!

Herman: Oh. That's true. Because he's pretty old, and this picture looks pretty recent.

Herman: So, like, the child actually looks pretty happy though for someone who is basically wearing a large piece of styrofoam on their chest.

Dr. Xelogo: I think they are shoving him something that he thinks is funny.

Herman: Shoving? What do you mean?


Herman: I would say that is very possible, but in this case, what you said doesn't really make sense..

Dr. Xelogo: Look, I meant... how do you Americans say it... showing.

Herman: Oh, oh, shooowwing. Yeah. Showing. See, shoving is a word that means like pushing.

Dr. Xelogo: I know vhat it means you dunderhead! I speak vith an accent!

Herman: Let's get back to the topic at hand, shall we? I would like to take this moment to say that Batman's baby isn't looking all that muscular these days. I mean he's kinna got two muscle lines on his chest but sort of just one large fat line on his stomach...

Herman: Not to mention his belt looks a little stretched, there.

Dr. Xelogo: Ees eet just me, or are the horn-thingys slightly bent?

Herman: It's like he's wearing some weird hat made from the hollowed-out skull of some sort of duck/dog hybrid.

Dr. Xelogo: That ees made out of cloth.

Herman: ....

Herman: Yeah, okay. I think I know a hollowed-out dog-duck skull when I see it, thank you very much.

Dr. Xelogo: Vhen have you ever seen vun?

Herman: ... I saw one.. a few weeks ago.

Dr. Xelogo: Doing vhat?

Herman: ... Also, the suit is, um, well, I think that's all for now, don't you, Dr. Xelogo?

Dr. Xelogo: Yes. Let us move on to superman, for now at least.

Herman: Yes, let's.

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